Our Mission

“At Simply Rentals USA, we aim to provide an affordable Luxury 5 star experience in the privacy of your own vacation home. Our guests are our number 1 priority.”

We are always here, should you ever need anything during your stay in beautiful Maine!  We are a family owned and operated business.  We have been managing homes and rentals in the area for 10 years. We offer peace of mind to the guests and the homeowners, that their property is well cared for and clean.  We pride ourselves on providing a great vacation experience with great communication, details on our area, lists of things to do, as well as extra efforts to make sure your space is clean and sanitized.  Check out our “Things To Do” tab to help plan your next perfect vacation.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions.  We are happy to have you.  Welcome to Maine, the way life should be.  

Susan Luke

Susan Luke

President & CEO

Susan is an Entrepreneur and world traveler who’s number one goal is to offer a premier service for visitors to the area, and to our homeowners who entrust us with their beautiful homes. She is confident we are able to meet and exceed your expectations with 30 years of experience in the hospitality industry.

One fun fact about Susan, she used to work on a lobster boat!

Jess A

Jess A

Customer Manager

Jess is here to answer any and all of the questions you may have before, during or even after your stay with us! She has 6 years customer service experience and always has a smile on her face! Jess loves working with people and looks forward to it everyday. She is here to make your experience staying with us the best it can be! 

She loves the outdoors and always looks forward to the summer! 

Shai M

Shai M

Operations Manager

Shai has a love for the paperwork side of things! She helps our cleaners get their days started so they can be prompt and on time.

Shai has a big love for the outdoors, summer and fall weather. She really enjoys all the time she can get with her children and their Australian Shepherd, Buddy. 

She is also responsible for our personalized coffee mugs and tote bags! 


Hard working dogs!!

Hard working dogs!!

Job: Keep the humans in line

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